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Progress in Medical Sciences. 2022; 6(6):(89-113)

Morphology of Sperm Cells Obtained from Androctonus Turkiyensis Yağmur, 2021 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) Scorpions: The First Data Obtained in Turkey

Ali Dogan OMUR*, Kursat FILIKCI, Ersen Aydın YAGMUR and Serkan Ali AKARSU


Scorpions are venomous arthropods, members of the order Arachnida and the order Scorpions. Scorpions and their venom have been used in China, India and Africa for years to treat various diseases. In recent years, there are studies showing that scorpion venoms and toxins can reduce cancerous growth, induce apoptosis and prevent metastasis. The popularity of scorpion venom in recent years has brought to mind the morphological features of scorpion sperm. Therefore, in this study, the morphological characteristics of the sperm of the scorpion Androctonus turkiyensis Yağmur, 2021, which is widely found in Turkey, were determined. In the study, one Androctonus Turkiyensis scorpion obtained from Şanlıurfa region was used. After the death of the scorpion, which was kept in formaldehyde solution for 5 minutes, semen sample was taken from the spermatophore capsule. Sperm cells were examined by staining on the slide from the semen sample taken. Head, middle and tail compartments of spermatozoa were examined. However, due to the thin head of the sperm cell, the staining status could not be determined.